Information for Presenters



Your presentation should be NO LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES, but there will be time for questions at the end of your parallel session. Please respect this time limit, so other panel presenters can speak for their full 20 minutes.

You will be able view the main conference programme in the coming weeks which will include full details of the parallel sessions, and the date and time of your presentation.

Use of IT equipment

You are asked to go to the room to set up any IT equipment you require at least 10 MINUTES BEFORE the session begins, and to introduce yourself to the panel chair.

Each room is equipped with a PC (Windows) and loudspeakers for playing back audio.

The easiest and smoothest way of bringing your electronic presentation to the session is on a memory stick. Unfortunately it will NOT be possible to use your own laptop, tablet or Mac, as this often causes disruption to conference parallel sessions, due to incompatability issues.

Any audio should be embedded into the presentation – some very experienced presenters have been surprised to find that their audio files have not been copied across with their PowerPoint file.

There will be IT support available, but parallel sessions present particular challenges because there are three running at the same time.

PREZI presentations should work on all the computers, which have full internet access.

If you have large files to access for your presentation, we recommend using Dropbox. Store the files in your own Dropbox account before coming to the conference and then download them onto the computer provided BEFORE your panel begins.


Paper presenters are required to register for the conference in order to participate in it. The registration page of the conference will be online shortly.

(It is likely that presenters who have not registered and paid the appropriate conference fee by 15th March will be removed from the programme before it is printed.)