Welcome to the Conference News Bulletin


This is the Conference News Page which, in case its not instantly obvious, is here to carry news to delegates of what is going on at and through this weekend’s Onscenity Conference.

The primary aim of this page is to provide enough details from each of the presentations happening across the weekend to enable delegates to identify what they would like to know more about. Its headline stuff, so if you need the details, please, please make sure you get in touch – preferably with the authors of individual papers directly.

The page is also here to provide you with a space to make announcements, share interesting views, get in touch. The only thing i’d ask is that you make sure you do this through me. Who she?

Jane Fae – your Conference News Editrix

Well, i’m Jane Fae: i’m presenting a paper during the second stream on Friday afternoon on the subject of Obscenity, Moral Agendas and the chilling of speech. I’m also a journalist who writes on IT, the Law, sex, sexuality and the politics of all of the above. That and, er, climate change, which is probably not vdery relevant this weekend!

My role here this weekend is twofold:

- to manage this page so as to enable the widest possible dissemination of information during the conference
- to handle any press interest as well as do what i can to raise the profile of this conference sensibly within both mainstream media and the blogosphere.

Unofficially, if anyone would like to talk to me about working with the press, increasing or improving the profile of their own work or any other topic rtelated to publicity, please get in touch.

Or e-mail me on

News Page Policy

This really is your page. My own job as editrix is akin to that of a one-time speaker of the House of Commons who declared: “I have neither the eyes to see no ears to hear except as directed by this House whose servant I am”.

Yep: that’s me. Except maybe in the bar later tonight after a few drinkls, when i might be tempted to give voice to a few opinions of my own.

The bottom line, however, is that this page is of the conference, for the conference and if you see anything published on it that causes you concern, please let me know at once and i’ll respond – usually, if its about your own material, by amending exactly as you ask.

If you have comment of your own to go up, please make use of the comment facility provided: usual rules apply in terms of no flaming, no trolling, no defamation, and certainly no discriminatory language of any sort. Please be sensible.

If you have any announcements or something longer you wish to share with other delegates, please let me know and i will do my best to get it up, again within the rules outlined above.

Press policy

This is low key – deliberately so. There will be a small number of releases going out to the mainstream press over the weekend, with the agreement of the conference organisers and any speakers to which those releases relate.

We are, for the most part, talking to the broadsheet end of the press – and will be seeking to manage any more salacious interest that arises simply from the fact that we are academics and we are discussing S-E-X. (Shhhhh!)

Releases will also go out to (friendly) blogs and there is twitter feed for those interested in following: @sexualcultures and #sexualcultures are the two relevant tags to look for here.

If you come across anything in the press or on the web that gives you concern, please contact me at once.

What you can do

SPEAKERS: I cannot be in all places at all times. I would therefore be grateful if speakers and those presenting papers could link up with me and where possible send me a short precis of their paper. Otherwise i will have to chase you!

ACCURACY: if you see anything up on these pages that is inaccurate, please let me know.

PRIVACY/CONFIDENTIALITY: some individuals have already contacted me to say they do not want their work made public for a variety of reasons. Please let me know if this applies to anything you are planning to present and whether that means no details at all, or whether i may note that a paper has been given (without content made public).

CONTACTS: If you know of any academics, blogs, press contacts, etc. that you feel should be included in the round robin from this conference, please forward them to me.

jane fae xx

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